Mytel says it will offer free internet for schools

The country’s fourth telecommunications operator, Mytel, which will soon enter the market, is going to discuss offering free fibre broadband service at schools.

If the schools are provided with internet usage, it can improve teaching methods, the company said.

“With an internet connection at schools, teachers can study curriculums by downloading them to help them teach students. They can also teach students how to use the internet more safely in class,” said an official at the Ministry of Education.

Currently, the ministry has allowed internet service at more than 1000 schools, including universities around the country in order to improve the student access to information and knowledge that can be sourced through the web.

“The ministry gave a list of more than 1000 schools for free fibre internet service. After we introduce the services, we will discuss connecting fibre cables at those schools,” U Zaw Min Oo, the company’s chief external relations officer, said recently.

However, regarding fibre cable connections, local objections in some places had to be settled.

“It was difficult to extend fibre cable in some places as the residents objected, but we explained it to them, and now everything is OK,” he said.

The speed of free fibre internet service is 2Mbps for unlimited data, and the service will be provided for 15 years.

“We do not limit how many GBs are used by schools. But we restrict internet speed at 2Mbps,” said U Zaw Min Oo.

The company does not expect to profit from providing free internet access at schools, he said.

If towers need to be built in some school compounds for network expansion, the firm will get the land on lease.

“There may be about 70 schools throughout the country to build the network. If we need to set up towers in the vicinity of these schools, we will rent the land,” he said.

Mytel plans to spend US$80 million on its corporate social responsibility (CSR)projects, 80pc of which is allocated for education.

Source : Myanmar Times

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