Asia World Foundation and 20 partner companies to finish Angumaw-Maungdaw concrete road in 2020

Asia World Foundation and 20 partner companies are jointly building Angumaw-Maungdaw concrete road worth of more than Ks22 billion and it will be finished in 2020.

The Angumaw-Maungdaw concrete road is a major one to contribute toward multi-sectors including economic and social ones. The road has begun its construction since November 30 in 2017. The construction of the road has finished 20 KM long so far. It is expected that the construction of the road will have finished up to 30 KM long before the monsoon. The expenditure of the road comes from 20 partner companies. The companies only rendered assistance without seeking the profits.

Nay Lin, a project director of Asia World Company Limited, said, “The Angumaw-Maungdaw concrete road is 80 KM long. Now we have finished 20 KM long. Before the monsoon, we expect it will finish up to 30 KM long. The depth of the road is 20 feet. Its height is 6 inches. Above it, the concrete road is 18 feet wide and 9 inches high. Asia World Foundation donated the cost of the construction of the road. We don’t aim at seeking profits.

“The State Counsellor wants the businessmen to be responsible for the construction of this road. It is not difficult for local businesspersons to do this task. It is aimed at carrying out regional development. No foreign assistance is needed. The construction of the road will cost more than K22 billion. It is thought that it might cost more than expected. It will finish in 2020.”

The road needs 85 conduits and bridges. The bridges will be 10 to 220 feet long. A conduit is 10 feet long. Like the currently-constructing companies, other ones have been invited to participate in the contribution of the road, Nay Lin said.

Upon completion, the Angumaw-Maungdaw concrete road is a major one to connect with Sittwe. It will take two hours long for the commuters to get Maungdaw from Angumaw. It connects with a large number of villages and so it is of great importance.

Source : Eleven Myanmar

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