Looking to JV with Steel Door Manufacturer in Myanmar

Our client (called X hereon) has its own brand of anti-vandal steel security doors that they supply to the UK, European and worldwide market.

X security doors combine a high level of security with exceptional value. The superior quality and proven reliability has made the brand the first choice for a wide range of companies no matter what their requirement or application.

X products are designed and manufactured to the highest specification, combine this with a rigorous quality control system and an extensive after-sales service and it is easy to see why they are seen as industry leaders.

The company places emphasis on continuous development and twelve years’ experience ensures that they are always ahead of the competition and that they can react quickly to customer’s requirements.

Each and every X product is subject to our fifty-point quality control process before it is dispatched.

X has forged a reputation for affordable, high quality steel doors.

X has opened its own factory in China 5 years ago and has been manufacturing their own security door.

Requirement of X:

X wants to:

  • Find a suitable joint venture partner in Myanmar and set up a manufacturing facility. The joint venture partner is expected to provide the land or building for the JV, handle government and labour relationship and the day-to-day running of the factory.
  • X will provide the design, manufacturing process and technology and will also handle international sales while leaving the local partner to handle the domestic sales.
  • X is able to place a minimum order of 20,000 units combination of door and shutter per annum to the joint venture company to supply to the international market.

Criteria of joint venture partner:

  • Must have experience running a sheet metal factory or steel furniture factory employing at least 10 workers on the production floor
  • Preferably own and run the factory himself for the last 3 years
  • Preferably have experience supplying to the construction industry
  • Preferably have experience exporting metal products to overseas market.
  • Can contribute land or factory with minimum floor area of 5,000 meter square

If you know of any Myanmar company that is in the steel fabrication or steel furniture manufacturing business that is interested please contact us at email info (at) consult-myanmar.com with subject “JV with Steel Door Manufacturer in Myanmar”.

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