Local company to invest in tourism, logistics in Kayah State’s Hoyar area

A local company has submitted a proposal to the state government to provide tourism and logistic services in Hoyar area after the Kayah State Investment Forum was held, according to the Kayah State Minister of Natural Resources and Environment U T Yal.

Sut Pai Company and government departments are conducting field surveys in the proposed investment area since the second week of June.

The company is trying to seek permission to make the investment by negotiating with the local residents.

The company proposed to build a township municipal market and a two-mile market entrance road, a highway bus compound, a warehouse, a wholesale center, and low-cost housings on Hoyar extended land and a natural tourism and resort in Htee Phruno natural cave near Maw Thee Do Village in Hpruso Township and a natural tourism and viewpoint on Sinbyu Mountain.

Sut Pai Company offered to invest in these areas in the previous years but they were rejected by Hoyar residents for lacking transparency.

The Kayah State Minister of Planning and Finance U Maw Maw has urged the residents not to object to the invesement this time since the investment will be made with permission from the government, according to U Mai Kal, regional administrator of local people’s militia.

“They haven’t told us how they will do it and when it will start,” he said.

He added that decision to allow the investment can only be confirmed after it has been thoroughly discussed among the local residents.

The local government said it will give priority to raising the awareness of the local ethnic people as soon as investment enters the state.

Minister U Maw Maw has expressed hope in the investment bringing benefits to the development of the local people.

Source: BNI Multimedia Group

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