Yangon government under fire for proposing to spend K1 billion on ten Ford cars

The Finance, Planning and Economic Affairs Committee plans to discuss Yangon’s proposed 2018-19 budget, which includes spending on a fleet of Ford vehicles for government officials, Daw Sandar Min, the committee’s chair, told The Myanmar Times this week.
Daw Sandar Min was responding to Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein’s comments to the media on June 10, saying that the purchase of new vehicles for ministers’ use is a must.
The Yangon regional government had earlier come under fire from regional MPs over its plans to spend K1 billion, or K100 million each (around $74,000), for 10 Ford vehicles ministers’ travel needs.
Due to the objections, U Phyo Min Thein said on June 10 that the budget will submitted to Parliament for approval.
“Once this budget is submitted at the Union level, we will scrutinise each item of expenditure and discuss what should be approved or not,” Daw Sandar Min said.
U Nyi Nyi, MP of South Dagon constituency, said having state-recognised modes of transport for the ministers will help traffic officers and police identify the vehicles for safety purposes. “If the ministers own their own cars, the police may not be able to render help when needed,” he said.
“But while the ministers should be given an official means of transport, we will also need to discuss if spending K100 million for each vehicle is justifiable,” said U Nyi Nyi.
The government should issue details of the ministers’ current vehicles to the public, MPs and media, he added.
The proposed Yangon budget includes spending of around K650 billion. After it is approved and confirmed by both the state and regional parliaments, the budget for the region will be set in stone and the government will receive full authority over spending.
Source: Myanmar Times
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