Yangon could consume 3,000 MW of electricity by 2021-22

Yangon Region is expected to require 3,000MW of electricity by 2021-22, Daw Su Hlaing Wint, assistant manager of the Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC) said at the Electricity and Energy Expo in Yangon on June 22.

That’s the amount of electricity currently being generated across Myanmar, of which Yangon now consumes just over half at 1,548MW.

In other words, Yangon will require the equivalent amount of power now being consumed by the whole country by 2021-22, representing an increase of up to 15pc per year over the next four years, Daw Su Hlaing Wint said.

To meet that demand, some K1 billion worth of infrastructure, including substations and transmission lines, will be needed for each additional MW of electricity generated.
Based on Daw Su Hlaing Wint’s estimates, there are plans to construct a total of 77 66kv substations between 2018-19 and 2021-22, depending on the availability of funds. Meanwhile, the government has proposed taking a loan from the Asian Development Bank to upgrade several 230kv substations across the region.

“Once the 230kv grid is completed, we expect to provide more reliable electricity supply in Yangon,” one YESC official told The Myanmar Times.

Currently, electricity is being generated from five power plants in Yangon Region – Thaketa, Ahlone, Hlawgar, Thilawa and Ywama. Electricity is distributed via transmission from 230kv stations.

The YESC will also be replacing old transmission lines and underground cables and building new transformers at existing substations, the official said.

“Within the limits of the budget, theYESC is trying its best to supply reliable and stable electricity to Yangon Region,” Daw Su Hlaing Wint said.

In addition to funds for infrastructure, the other requirements for full electricity supply in Yangon include the need for skilled engineers and workers as well as coordination between the relevant departments, she said.

Source: Myanmar Times

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