Mytel says it’s pumped $1 billion into boosting nationwide operations

The country’s fourth and newest telecommunications operator, Mytel, has invested over US$1 billion (K1.38 trillion) in capital expenditure to boost infrastructure and improve service, U Zaw Min Oo, the company’s chief of external relations, told reporters at a news briefing.

He said the company, which plans to invest US$2 billion within its 15-year license period, also plans to invest US$80 million in its corporate social responsibility programme aimed at helping education.

“We aim to provide free internet service to over 3000 schools, including basic education. Monastery schools and other voluntary teaching groups by the young will also need internet. We have an internet service plan for them,” U Zaw Min Oo said.

Mytel, which has over 5000 base transceiver stations (BTS) and 30,000 kilometres of fiber optic cable, is arranging to provide free internet service to 10 schools in Yangon by July, he said.

BTS facilitates wireless communication between user equipment and a network.

“Network readiness hasn’t reached the level we expected, but we are trying our best. More BTSs are needed. In some places, there are more users of 4G broadband than expected, so we had to install more BTSs to maintain bandwidth,” he said.

Mytel provides only 2G and 4G network service covering 70 percent of Myanmar’s population.

“We studied the types of users and found that there are two – voice and data,” U Zaw Min Oo said.

“The former are satisfied with 2G and the latter with 4G. For data users, the price is cheaper for 4G,” he added.

As of June 9, over 1 million people were using Mytel.

There are 50 Mytel shops and 50,000 reseller shops where Mytel SIM cards and top-ups are available.

Source: Myanmar Times

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