Myanmar’s New Gold Mine is Dinosaur Amber

On the discovery of the “Amber hunter” for the discovery of the Jurassic Park-style of the Dinosaurs, through the rocks of precious resin in Myanmar – an attractive business that attracts the paleontologists but in the far north the struggle for decades also fueled.

Kachin revolves around the merchants using the Amber Market torch and magnifying glasses in the morning on the outskirts of Myitkyina, Amber Market and so that pieces of fossil trees of honey-colored trees can be examined.

Sell pieces with some thick edges. Tells about other finished products: Pendants, necklace and bracelet made of carefully polished pieces.

Trade is fighting for autonomy, land, identity and natural resources, only a few dozen kilometers away from the battle between Myanmar’s army and ethnic Kachin rebels, which help fund both the parties.

Jade and Ruby Industries largely dwarf the artisan amber trade, but resin can still bring a large amount of money to control the mines.

Myo Swe, a trader say, make money in the Myitkyina market.
Their specialty is “Inclusion”, SAP threw plants, animals and even dinosaur parts before being suspended inside the resin.

The 40-year-old told AFP, “Even if it only contains ant or mosquito – every piece is interesting.” “I value each one of them.”

Amber has historically enjoyed a resurgence in the popular culture from China to Ancient Greece, for the prestigious 1990s hit film “Jurassic Park”, which is set in the theme park, where the resin contains mosquitoes containing DNA Dinosaurs have been cloned by removing.

However, most of the Amber Heralds were not until Jurassic but later from the Cretaceous period until 100 million years ago.
The safest protected “inclusion” provides three-dimensional fossils to today’s scientists and collectors, some organisms have also frozen the middle Ages.

36-year-old Lida Xing from the University of Geology of China University in Beijing explains that, amber deposits are found around the world, but for paleontology, Kachin’s mines are “irreversible”.

“The only crates during the Amber mining area in Kachin are the cretaceous period in the world, which is still engaged in commercial mining,” he says. “There is no better place than Myanmar.”

In 2015, Lida Xing shot for fame among fellow paleontologists, when they brought back the dinosaur tail from Myanmar to China, which was behind 99 million years ago.

However, the enthusiasm of his discovery was related to despair when he returned to try to find the source.

They said, “They did not know that they probably had already been sold or broke it, this dinosaur can also be complete with a head,” he told AFP in Beijing.

According to Human Rights Watch, in June last year, prescriptions left by army helicopters also warned people living near the mines to cooperate with the rebels to leave this area.

Now the most difficult people of Amber hunter try to go there.

Lida Xing said about the visit of 2015, “We could not reach the mining area because it was very dangerous.” “When we had a lot of situation, we got into it, but after that no scientist was able to enter.”

Hanna Hindstrom says from the Global Watch Monitor Group, “Amber, Jade, Wood and Gold” are also “major drivers” of conflict in northern Myanmar.

Without sourcing responsibly, the business of any company can cause many types of harm or contribute, including Myanmar Amber “Conflict and misuse of human rights”.

52-year-old Akbar Khan described the “Extreme Fossils in Amber Hunter” which runs a street stall in Bangkok, eliminating risk and moral questions.

He constantly travels to Kachin and tells that he is no more adrenaline races than finding dinosaur parts.

“You feel that you are walking in the clouds in heaven,” he says.

“If people have a big diamond, then what? The world is filled with big diamonds … but the world is not full of dinosaurs in Amber.

Source: The News Recorder

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