Premium Distribution and Trust Venture Partners Announce Investment in UniVege

Premium Distribution, one of Myanmar’s largest wholesalers, and leading financial advisor Trust Venture Partners (TVP) are pleased to announce a newly formed joint venture which will fully acquire the business of hydroponic plant grower Provide Advanced Technology (PAT).

The food tech startup was set up by Japanese entrepreneurs and grows organic salad and vegetables. PAT currently partners with City Mart for retail distribution. In all 5 Marketplaces and 10 additional City Marts its salads are being sold under the brand name ‘UniVege’ for around 2,000-3,000 Kyats per item.

The product range comprises of various appetizing salad combinations including Japanese/Korean/Greek or Today’s Best Mix. PAT puts emphasis on offering clean salads in a consistent appearance, a reliability that conventional salads in Myanmar cannot offer.

UniVege captures a new growing market demand for organically grown vegetables. It arises from growing concerns over unregulated chemical use, as regularly featured by Myanmar’s various media outlets.

In addition to surpassing the quality and health concerns of other products, UniVege is a great product because it can be consumed within one day from harvesting, which means its transportation costs a fraction of the carbon footprint of imported products.

UniVege also takes societal responsibility head on by promoting healthy and sustainably grown food. There are two ways they accomplish this. First is through activities at the factory where the salad growing process is explained and highlighted to school kids and families, and second by empowering women to integrate prepackaged healthy foods into their family’s meals.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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