French Chamber conducted first Myanmar Salary Survey

The survey, prepared by MyWorld Myanmar, a Member of the CCI France Myanmar’s Human Resources Committee, gathered the answers from 243 companies from all sectors operating in Myanmar.

Daw Ma Ma Naing, HR Manager of Sule Shangri-La Hotel, and Co-Chair of the CCI France Myanmar’s HR Committee, says that “this survey is very valuable to all companies. Indeed, in the absence of reliable information, companies have no way to see if they are under or overpaying their staff. With this information, they will be able to better negotiate with new or existing employees.”

“It was important for this survey to be 100% anonymous”, Mr. Guillaume Sautier, General Manager of International SOS, and Co-Chair of the HR Committee. “Indeed, no company wants this kind of confidential information to be shared with competitors or on the market. At the same time, they also need information on the level of salaries in their sector. The anonymous online questionnaire guaranteed both anonymity and access to the data. No one, even in our Committee, was able to access to individual answers from companies.”

“Our ambition is to launch this survey every six months and to gather always more answers, in order to follow the evolution of the market”, says Mr. Guillaume REBIERE, Executive Director of CCI France Myanmar. “We wanted to offer the results of this survey for free, as a commitment from CCI France Myanmar to support the sustainable development of local companies.”

CCI France Myanmar’s HR Committee will conduct this anonymous salary survey every six months. The target for December 2018 is to gather the information from 500 companies at least.

This project is part of the activities which will be implemented by the CCI France Myanmar’s Human Resources Committee, which brings together 15 Members of the French Myanmar Chambers of Commerce and Industry, representatives of the different sectors. This HR Committee, which is co-chaired by Daw Ma Ma Naing (Sule Shangri-La Hotel) and Mr. Guillaume Sautier (International SOS), aims at helping Members of CCI France Myanmar to discuss shared challenges, to exchange information and to implement project together.

The next upcoming activity implemented by the HR Committee will be the publication of a Human Resources Guide to Myanmar, which will use parts of the results of the salary survey.

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Source: CCI France Myanmar

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