Ministry of electricity and energy, Myanma oil and gas enterprise, invitation for open tender, Closing Date: 12 September 2018.

1. Open tenders are invited for supply of the following respective items in United States Dollars and Myanmar Kyats.

Sr.NoTender NoDescriptionRemark
(1)IFB-004(18-19)100 Ton Travelling Block with Hook (YG90) (1) SetUS$
(2)IFB-005(18-19)Rotary Swivel (2) ItemsUS$
(3)IFB-006(18-19)Rotary Table Complete Package for ZJ 50 D Drilling Rig (15) ItemsUS$
(4)IFB-007(18-19)Rotary Table Complete Package for L 350 Card Well Rig (6) ItemsUS$
(5)IFB-008(18-19)30 Ton Hydraulic Mobile Crane (Wheel Type) (1) UnitUS$
(6)IFB-009(18-19)Excavator(Bucket Capacity 1.2 m3)(1)UnitUS$
(7)IFB-010(18-19)Excavator(Bucket Capacity 0.14 m3)(1)UnitUS$
(8)IFB-011(18-19)Maintenance, Inspection and Spare Requirement for Ywama GRS (1) LotUS$
(9)IFB-012(18-19)Metering Station Upgrade, Inspection and Spare for Kyaukphyu (1) LotUS$
(10)IFB-013(18-19)Maintenance and Inspection Spare Requirement for PLC Daw Nyein (1) LotUS$
(11)IFB-014(18-19)CNG Supply Gas Purifying System Maintenance & Upgrade (1) LotUS$
(12)DMP/L-065(18-19)Spares for GM 8V-71 Engine (22) ItemsKs
(13)DMP/L-066(18-19)Travelling Block with Hook (DG-315 Hook) (1) SetKs
(14)DMP/L-067(18-19)Flodrift Real Time Inclination Tool Complete Set (1) SetKs
(15)DMP/L-068(18-19)Well Head Equipment(2900 Series)(4) SetsKs
(16)DMP/L-069(18-19)Well Head Equipment(1500 Series)(3) SetsKs
(17)DMP/L-070(18-19)Well Head Equipment(900 Series)(2) SetsKs
(18)DMP/L-071(18-19)Well Head Equipment(600 Series)(4) SetsKs
(19)DMP/L-072(18-19)228D-213-120 Type Pumping Unit (1) NoKs
(20)DMP/L-073(18-19)114D-119-86 Type Pumping Unit (1) NoKs
(21)DMP/L-074(18-19)40D-76-48 Type Pumping Unit (2) NosKs
(22)DMP/L-075(18-19)Electrical Spares for HDD Rig (3) ItemsKs

2. The Open Tender forms including Description of Materials / Qtty with details specifications and Tender Terms & Conditions can be available free download at the Ministry of Electricty and Energy Website Portal ( as from 13 August 2018. Tender forms will not be sold.

3. The interested Bidders should submit the Technical Specifications with Original Bid Bond and Commercial Quotation in each separate sealed envelopes on which to be addressed to the Managing Director, Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise and should reach in Tender Box of the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise not later than 14:00 pm on 12 September 2018.

4. Tender Closing Date & Time- 12-9-2018, 14:00 pm

Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise
Ph . +95 67 – 411206

Source: Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise