DICA releases additional guidelines for education investments

The Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) has released a list of additional guidelines and specifications to structure developments in the Myanmar education sector.

The list, which was announced by DICA on August 10, includes a total of 17 points and comes four months after the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) on April 20 issued notification (7/2018) allowing foreigners to wholly invest in domestic education.

The notification permits foreign investments in private basic schools, technical, vocational and training schools, higher education schools, subject-based schools and schools designated by the government.

DICA’s list of specifications further streamlines investments in the sector. It includes guidelines and rules on types of investments, educational institutions and certifications provided to students. Other points cover the necessary qualifications and experience needed by instructors as well as rules prohibiting drug and alcohol use and setting the code of conduct for teachers and students.

Ko Thaw Zin Aung Gyi, co-founder at Capstone Education Consulting, approves of the additional guidelines. “The guidelines issued by DICA are comprehensive, and covers important requirements for well-established schools,” he said.

He added though, that DICA should also look into whether the academic certifications or degrees that will be issued by incoming schools are accredited by international bodies or recognised by respected institutions around the world.

The way he sees it, “when students pay an educational institution, they are not just paying money for a service. They are investing in their own future and the country’s. Therefore, it is important that educational organisations and institutions come to Myanmar not with an eye for monetary rewards but with a desire to help others.”

Since April, education service providers including those from Singapore, Australia and New Zealand have show interest to invest in the Myanmar education sector.

On August 11, Myanmar Strategic Holdings, opened its third Wall Street English learning centre in Myanmar Plaza and is expected to have capacity for over 800 students.

The opening of this new centre follows the successful establishment of the first two Wall Street English learning centres, which opened in February and December 2017, respectively. Wall Street English in Myanmar currently serves over 1,200 students across the two centres.

In June, Kaplan Myanmar University College, a subsidiary of US educational program provider Kaplan Inc, also opened its campus on Pyay Road, Yangon, offering University Degree programmes, Professional Certifications, MBA Programmes and short courses.


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