Foreign tourists allowed visiting in Ruby Land

MANDALAY- The government officially allowed foreign tourists to visit “Ruby Land” Mogok Township, Mandalay Region since the beginning of August, says MP Saw Thaung Tin from No.2 Constituency in Mogok Township.

The foreign tourists were banned from visiting to Mogok Township since the beginning of ex-government to incumbent government time.

However, the Mandalay Region Government Committee had submitted a proposal to boost job opportunities for locals and regional development tasks in Mogok Township to the Union Government, said Dr Zaw Myint Maung, Chief Minister of Mandalay Region at the 800 Anniversary of Founding on Ruby Land of Mogok City.

That’s why government eased its restriction on foreigners’ visit to Mogok.

The festival was held from March 29th to 31st. During the festival, government allowed foreigners to visit Mogok Township under limitation.

“We didn’t receive a letter of permit for allowing foreign tourists to Mogok Township. But, we heard that the letter came to Mogok Gems Exploration Association. We read this message on the social media page. We also read that the letter being sent to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism reported that government wouldn’t allow foreign tourists to Mogok coming from Mandalay-Pyin Oo Lwin motor road. If the foreigners will visit Mogok, they must be used Mandalay-Madara road. Although I didn’t receive the letter, the news is confirmed. The Mogok dewellers are very happy to allow foreign tourists to visit Mogok Township,” said MP Saw Thaung Tin.

As for foreign tourists, they must be allowed visiting in only downtown Mogok Township. “The mining permits for gems will not be renewed in Mogok Township. That’s why the gems produce is now decreasing. In doing so, the business of our township already declined. In my opinion, the tourism industry can support for us. If tourism industry will be blooming, there will be new job opportunities for the locals. Moreover, it will become an inflow of income one, social economic life of people will upgrade. In our township, there are many natural resources and traditional foods. It is a great chance for us to display our produces on the global via our land,” said Min Thu from Mogok who also invests in gems dealing and tourism industry.

At present, licensed tour companies are given green light to tour downtown Mogok Township by asking permission from the Hotels Ministry.

In Myanmar, the restricted areas include: Naungmoon, Kawnglanghpu, Sumprabum, Tanai, Hpakant, Injangyang, Hsawlaw and Chibwe Townships in Kachin State, Hpasawng, Shadaw, Bawlakha and Maisal Townships in Kayah State, Phapun and Kyainseikkyi Townships in Kayin State, Nanywan Self-Administered Zone in Sagaing Region, Kyaikmaraw and Thanbyuzayat Townships in Mon State and far-flung townships of the Shan State.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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