TEDx is back to Yangon

Ideas are especially worth spreading in Myanmar.

Following last year’s success, the third iteration of TEDx Yangon is coming to you.

TED is a famous broadcast which started discussing technology, entertainment and design. Today, it is about anything really. The speeches are potent and concise, lasting not more than 18 minutes.

TED talk gives a license to different groups across the world to hold their own TEDx events independently. That is what we are doing,” explained Thiri Thant Mon, the lead organiser of TEDx Yangon 2018. The first TEDx Yangon was hosted at Inya Lake in 2016, and is annually held since then.

This year, more than 20 speakers will share mind-opening ideas with the public on October 6 from 8am to 8pm at The Strand Hotel’s ballroom. Under the slogan “Today’s future”, speakers will focus on what people and organisations are doing today to impact the future.

Among the most famous speakers are animation artist Nyan Kyal Say, the co-founder of Pencell Studio and the author of My Life I Don’t Want, a short animation film which received international awards.

“We all grew up with cartoons. Compared to normal films, there are very few animated cartoons. It means it is quite difficult to make cartoon films. I will share my experience about the challenges we face as animation artists and how to overcome them,” he said.

Nyan Kyal Say is an avid TED watcher himself. And he is not the only one. “Every evening, I spend half an hour watching TED talks and TEDx. The talks open my mind and make me think a lot. I can really apply the speakers’ advises,” said Ma Lach Baniya, another speaker and founder of GadaWin magazine. She will talk about building a mentally healthy society.

“In about 20 years, half our work will be carried out by robots. I will speak about how to prepare the youth for tomorrow’s workplace,” said Kyaw Moe Tun, one of the speaker and a teacher. He thinks this is particularly important in Myanmar, where students still learn by rote. Creativity and critical thinking are some of the things that differentiate humans from the machines. Myanmar better get ready.

Over 300 speakers applied and only close to 20 candidates were selected. The eldest is 88-years-old and the youngest 13.TEDx Yangon expects 800 attendees this year, a 25 percent increase compared to last year.

Last year, over 230,000 people in Myanmar and across the world viewed the live stream of the event on Facebook and YouTube. In a country where the tax take is low ideas are really worth spreading.

Early bird tickets well at USD55 till September 2 and regular tickets cost $75 from September 3 to October 2. Tickets are available through the online platform Myanpwel at http://bit.ly/TEDxYangonMyanpwel.

Credit-TEDx Yangon

Source: Myanmar Times

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