Myanmar Considered Enacting Lottery Law

The Ministry of Commerce is preparing to regulate the state-run Aung Bar Lay Lottery, which started in 1938, according to a Yangon Regional Parliament session held on September 19.

With a lack of laws on the books, it is difficult to take legal action against lottery fraud or tickets dealers.

“When complains arise concerning with the ticket sales, the only way we take action against wholesale dealers is by reducing the number of tickets they are allowed to buy,’’ he added.

Wholesale ticket dealers buy tickets from Aung Bar Lay Lottery’s Department. They then sell the tickets to local representatives, which then resell the tickets to small scale ticket sellers. The sale chain with multiple layers cause price hike, U Myint Thaung said.

The department sells tickets to the wholesale dealers who have paid a deposit worth three months sales. Since lottery tickets are valued as notes, orders must be made four months in advance to the printing department if there are any changes.

The lottery law will also give rise to an e-lottery system, that will allows user to choose combinations they prefer, U Myint Thaung, Regional Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, told Yangon Regional Parliament on September 19.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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