Myanmar land management encounters challenges such as lack of following rules and regulations and corruption

Vice President U Henry Van Thio delivers an address at the National Land Use Policy Forum at Myanmar International Convention Centre-2 on October 2.
Myanmar land management is coming across different forms of challenges such as lack of abiding by rules and regulations and corruptions, said Vice President U Henry Van Thio.

The remarks came from the National Land Use Policy Forum at the Myanmar International Convention Center-2 in Nay Pyi Taw on October 2.

“Land management in Myanmar faces limitations and challenges, such as being faced with land disputes after settling and living in land managed by the government, inability to grant permission for investments in large land areas, requirement to amend the prevailing laws and processes that are not in accord with the current times, weaknesses in abiding by work processes, presence of corruption, requirement to provide information, weakness in drawing up programs that has the most economic benefit and the least natural environmental impact, weaknesses among businesses in taking up CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and weaknesses in implementing natural environment conservation works, and being at odds with the local people, need for drawing up land use projects, people’s participation required in establishing and approving land use rights, incorrect and incomplete record of land resources, difficulty of management at the ground level and coordination required among related organizations. To overcome these challenges and to implement the aims of national land use policy, laws related to land management are to be reviewed and a national land law that encompasses policy, laws, work procedures and management format beneficial to the people need to be drawn up and enacted,” said Vice President U Henry Van Thio.

“In order to use and manage the land resources in the country sustainably, a national land use policy was drawn up with the participation of the people and was enacted and announced in January 2016. The enacting of this policy that was not in existence before is a progress in land sector reform and development, but to establish systematic land management, the enacted national land use policy is required to be implemented practically.

The national land use council was formed in order to implement the aims, guidelines and basic principles of the national land use policy and to implement laws related to it,” said Vice President U Henry Van Thio.

Therefore, the National Land Use Policy Forum was held to discuss and coordinate long and short term strategies, tactics and work processes to implement the works of the National Land Use Council effectively, to draw up a National Land Law based on national land use policy and to manage the land resources, Vice President U Henry Van Thio.

The forum was attended by Union Ministers who are members of the National Land Use Council, Nay Pyi Taw Council Chairman, State/Region Chief Ministers, Hluttaw representatives, heads of departments, ethnic national representatives, representatives from international organizations and civil society organizations and invited guests.

Source: Eleven Myanmar

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