Container truck drivers stage protest on Strand Road

Container truck drivers staged a protest along Strand Road in Kyimyindine Township, Yangon, at about 8 pm on Wednesday causing a massive traffic blockage.

The protest came after traffic police stopped some container trucks from using the road beyond prescribed period.

Container trucks are officially allowed to go along the road from 9 pm to 6 am. But, a driver said such a prescribed period caused difficulties and inconveniences for them.

“Container trucks are allowed at night for the convenience of public members. I accept that. We use the road at night. But there is no service for us. The fish market is closed. No one solves our problem. Most people look down us. We have no guarantees.

If there is any heavy traffic, no one helps us. It will be OK if we are allowed to use the road at about 8 pm. Nine o’clock is not OK. Over 100 container trucks have been stopped today,” said a container truck driver.

A senior officer from the Traffic Police Force however said it was the rule prescribed by the Yangon Region government adding that action was taken against those who violated the rule.

“We are carrying out our own duties. The blockage was caused by them because they did not continue to drive their trucks as a protest. They were trying to cause traffic congestion.

In the past they were allowed to go from 9 am to 6 pm. They want to avoid the toll gate. They drive very fast. Previously, we understood them. But now we took action for traffic violations. Only over 60 trucks have been stopped. We allowed them to go. But they didn’t,” said the officer.

With a number of container trucks remaining stationary on Strand Road, traffic congestion had been caused until 2 am on Thursday. The road was reportedly deployed by police.


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