Yangon govt to act against messy overhead cables

The Yangon Regional Government says it is going to take action against telecommunications companies for untidy telecom cables that crisscross roads and streets, Daw Nilar Kyaw, minister of electricity, industry, transportation and telecommunication said during the sitting of the regional assembly last Thursday.

“We will be going to take action against the telecoms companies that have set up their cables and wires untidily after we hold a final meeting with the Yangon City Development Committee and Department of Telecommunication,” Minister Daw Nilar Kyaw said.

Two members of the assembly pointed out that many overhead cable lines in Yangon are too low and untidy. Some cables are so low, they can snag against larger vehicles.

“If the Yangon government takes action against those who set up cables in an improper way, residents of the city will not have to worry about the danger the cables pose,” said Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township Councillor U Yan Aung.

He also said that cable lines in the township are set up improperly and some poles are an unsightly mess of tangled wires.

Members of the assembly say such a poor state of affairs for important infrastructure paints a poor picture of Yangon.

“Trucks also face difficulties with the wire lines which are too low. Telecoms companies have to take more responsibility for issues like this when they are called,” Mayangone Townsh Councillor U Yan Shin said in the assembly.

Citing an example, he said a truck driver has been facing laws suit since last year after he hit telecoms cables that were too low and dragged down several pylons and caused a disruption of electricity in the area around the crash.

The truck driver has filed a countersuit as he says he is unable to afford the K3.5 million in compensation demanded by the government for damaging the pylons and causing the power outage, Councillor U Yan Shin said.

“We need to consider who is at fault in this case, the driver or the telecoms company that set the cables too low,” he added.

He also asked the Yangon Regional Government to consider asking for compensation from telecoms companies whose cabling causes accidents involving large vehicles.

Yangon Regional government has already inspected the telecom cable lines of company at about 10 townships in Yangon.

Gov is also planning to remove the telecom cable lines and telecom buildings which has been installed and lined without permissions of departments and to take effective actions against those companies very soon, according to minister Daw Nilar Kyaw.

There are totally 24599 telecom pylons owned by Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications in the areas which are under the authority of Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

In which, 3016 are planned to be substituted with the new pylons and 250 new telecom pylons will be installed soon, Daw Nilar Kyaw said.

She also said they have instructed the other telecom operators to remove their cables lines on the pylons of MPT.

Minister Daw Nilar Kyaw also said that they are changing some overheard telecom cable lines in Botahtaung Township to the underground cable lines with the pilot project.

Source: Myanmar Times

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