Ministry of Commerce Eyeing Mango Exports to the EU

European market, which receives 40 percent of the world’s mango exports, are interested to importing mangos from Myanmar. Therefore, the Ministry of Commerce and local traders are working to export mangos to the E.U. on a large scale.

Sein Ta Lone mangos from Myat Yadanar Mango Plantation in Southern Shan State were exported to Munich, Germany this year. Now, the ministry is working to export mangos to the E.U. after receiving more orders for it.

The Sein Ta Lone Mango from Myanmar, also known as the diamond solitaire mango, is one of the many mango varieties available in Myanmar. Many have regarded it as the best mango in Myanmar, comparing it with the best mangoes in the world because of its delightful aroma, sweetness, juiciness, and non-fibrous nature.

The mangos that were shipped to Germany sold out in two day! U Soe Than, owner of Myat Yadanar Mango Plantation said, “Because of the incredible interest shown in Germany, we received a lot more mango orders, but we were not able to fulfill them. We are now preparing to export in the 2019 season.”

The ministry has distributed handouts on information about the E.U. mango market, and Myanmar’s mangos to potential exporters.

Myat Yadanar Mango Plantation is the first one holding a Global GAP certificate, and the ministry urged plantation owners to get this certificate.

Myanmar is growing over 100 varieties of mangos, and producing around 2 million tons of mangos, but the country only exports the Sein Ta Lone and Shwe Hin Thar mangos.

Myanmar’s mango exports primarily heads to China, Singapore, and Russia, and only a few to the E.U. That looks like it’s about to change. With an increase in the E.U mango market, and the fact that EU consumers love mangos with less fiber, it provides an opportunity for Myanmar mangos to make its presence known in the E.U., according to the report on exports to E.U. market by the Ministry of Commerce.

According to five years worth of data, Myanmar exported 28,000 tons of mangos in the 2017 Fiscal Year, and 30,000 tons in 2018 Fiscal Year. China is the biggest buyers of Myanmar’s mangos.


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