The man behind the success of Singapore Festival 2018

In a bid to reach out and enable more Yangonites and visitors to enjoy the festivities, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) transformed the third edition of the festival from a mall-based format to an outdoor street event this year.

Although the festival was organised by STB in collaboration with local non-government group Doh Eain and Bogalayzay residents and business community, the man behind it success was Chang Chee Pey, assistant chief executive of the International Group of the STB.

He has been the one who was on the ground planning the events for more than five months trying to engagie with the street’s residents, Doh Eain, the Singapore Embassy and the local authorities.

“Usually there would be a lot of challenges when doing things the first time,” Chang told Metro. “We can say that this was quite very smooth process as everyone was very supportive of this event once they understood the objectives. Thanks to Doh Eain as well as Singapore Embassy here in Yangon who helped open the door with the local municipal government which provided great help and support.”

Chang assumed his current position in the STB in September 2016. His job includes overseeing an integrated network of 20 regional offices around the world. Together they actively promote Singapore as a leisure and business-events destinations.

Based on his experience with STB’s global brand and marketing campaigns, he suggested that Yangon need such internationally supported events to draw more tourists

“In Singapore we always come up with many events throughout the year so people will have new reasons to visit Singapore. That is a strategy that works in many global tourism cities”.

Last year Singapore received more than 147,000 visitors from Myanmar. He said he would definitely hold this kind of festival every year in Myanmar as the country is a very important source market for Singapore tourism.

He first visited in Yangon in 2007 and since then Chang fell in love with the city’s heritage buildings and recent progress.

“I think Yangon is a lovely city and I’ve been here many times” he said “Yangon has a lot of beautiful old heritage buildings. I was personally attracted to the architecture and conservation of old buildings”.

He hoped that Yangon residents as well as local government can do on good job on preserving the old buildings “because they are definitely a big draw for tourism.”

Chang has held a number of senior appointments in the STB since 2004, spanning marketing and tourism-product development. He was previously based in Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur and London, handling STB’s international marketing and business development efforts in the key markets of India, Southeast Asia and Europe. He was also the executive director of brand management and destination marketing from 2010 to 2012.


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