Contract farming launched in four districts of Sagaing

Four districts in the Sagaing Region — Sagaing, Shwebo, Monywa, and Yinmabin — are permitting contract farming for production of crops and seeds, said U Than Zaw Oo, the Secretary of the Sagaing Region Investment Committee.

“In order to cultivate perennial crops and establish large plantations, investors can rent land by entering into long-term contracts with local farmers. Currently, watermelon and muskmelon are being cultivated to be put on the markets in Shwebo, Monywa, and Sagaing districts,” said U Than Zaw Oo.

“Land in the Shwebo and Monywa districts is being made available for rent to bring it under cultivation in a systematic manner.
In addition to cultivation, pest control, harvesting, drying, and storing will also be conducted with the use of modern farming methods,” he said.

“Therefore, investments can be made in the implementation of agricultural activities with the use of modern agricultural implements, he added.

“Moreover, investments can also be made in the production of inputs, the importation of crops, and insurance necessary for the agriculture sector,” he continued.

“To enable investors to conduct agriculture and livestock farming, the Sagaing Region government will make arrangements to make available over 3 million acres of fallow and virgin land in Katha, Khamti, Kalay, Tamu, and Mawlaik districts and Naga Self-Administered Zone,” said U Soe Oo, the Sagaing Region’s Minister for Planning and Finance.


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