More affordable housing becoming available in Yangon

The Department of Urban Housing and Development (DUHD) under the Ministry of Construction will stop new housing projects but will allow the completion of projects currently underway, said Daw Mi Mi Tin, deputy director general of the Policy and Project Section of the department.

DUHD is now selling completed flats this month as well as those meant for completion in 2018-19 fiscal year.

In Hlaing Tharyar Township, five areas of the Kyan Sit Min Housing Estate, two featuring affordable housing and three with low-cost housing have been completed. The completed projects offer 2372 units in 73 buildings and flats from 24 buildings will be sold this month. The units range in size from 324 to 650 square feet. Units in the Shwe Lin Ban and Hti Laing Shin low-cost housing projects will also be sold this month.

In Shwe Pyi Thar Township, the remaining units of affordable housing in the Shwe Pyi Thar housing estate will continue to be sold.

In Dagon Seikkan Township construction work on phase three of the Yuzana Housing Estate continues and is expected to be completed sometime next year.

Remaining units in phase one and two, which have been completed, are being sold this month. Priority is being given to account holders with CHD Bank and those who have yet to draw lots even though it is their turn to buy housing. Units in the Kanaung Housing Estate are also being sold.

Elsewhere, units in the Yoma Housing Estate located near Kyi Su Cemetery in South Dagon Township, and units in the Aung Myint Mo Housing Estated between Yoma Revenue Road and Aung Myint Mo Road will be available for sale in the coming year.

There will be some 3000 units in the Yoma project with sizes from 324 square feet to 650 square feet.

Additionally, housing projects near the Thilawa Industrial Zone are expected to be available for sale by the middle of next year. Construction on the units has been completed, but work is being done to connect the homes to the electricity grid, so they cannot be sold just yet, said Daw Mi Mi Tin.

Although the homes near the Thilawa Industrial Zone will be offered to the public, units will also be offered to factory owners in the industrial zone who want to use them as housing for workers, she added.

The Thilawa housing project features 55 buildings with 1708 units.

In addition to more low-cost and affordable housing becoming available, the regional government is working to provide rental housing for squatters and others without homes.

According to the statistics, there are around 123,000 squatter families in Yangon Region. The total number of homeless people is believed to be in the region of 400,000.

The Department of Urban and Housing Development is drafting the National Housing Development Law and the government is considering plans to support private construction companies and purchasers rather than building projects itself, she said.

“The quality of housing built by the government and the private sector in the last 20 years has fallen. The government is focusing on management, maintenance, and drafting laws and regulations, while the private sector has been advising the government,” she said.

“Although regulations have been created for luxury housing, there is no law covering the ordinary apartments. The government is working to draft such regulations under the National Housing Development Law,” said Daw Mi Mi Tin.

The President’s Office is forming management committees in different areas to put in effect the Condominium Law. After the committees are formed, they will perform registration of condominiums, establish rights for residents and implement housing management, she said.

Currently, the Department of Urban and Housing Development sells apartments according to the regulations of the Housing Welfare Committee.

Source: Myanmar Times

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