Myanmar’s organic vegetables make their way to Singapore’s NTUC Fair Price

Organic vegetables from Myanmar have made it to the shelves of Singapore-based supermarket chain NTUC Fair Price, according to the Myanmar Fruit, Flower, and Vegetable Producers and Exporters Association (MFVP).

Myanmar’s vegetables began entering cold storages in Singapore in 2017 and now, their sale has been allowed in the NTUC supermarket chain.

During the trial stage, vegetables weighing half a ton were exported twice a week. The volume of exports is expected to increase with time.

The organic vegetables that will be sold in Singapore are being produced by the Nyaunghnapin Seinlan Production and General Trading Cooperative.

The cooperative produces over 10 tons of vegetables daily.

The organic farming cooperative began with 14 growers. Although they suffered losses initially due to a pest attack, they have now been operational for five years and their sales have increased.

Myanmar exports organic vegetables to Singapore and Russia.

Growers in Myanmar have shown a great interest in organic farming in the past four years. They are supplying vegetables to fresh markets in Yangon. When they observed the market condition, they realized people prefer chemical-free vegetables.

A weekly sale of organic products kicked off on 31 October in front of the Agriculture Department’s office in Gyogone, Insein Township.

The Myanmar Organic Growers and Producers Association (MOGPA) is the main organizer of the sale. The organic trade fair is held every Wednesday.

Growers and producers of organic and chemical-free products are showcasing their products at the fair. Books on organic farming and organic fertilizers are also available for sale at the event.

Around 300 growers from Yangon, Bago, Taninthayi, Magway, and Ayeyawady regions and Mon, and Shan states have shown an interest in organic farming. Over 10,000 growers are listed with the Myanmar Organic Bureau.


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