Yangon circular railway upgrade to be complete by end of 2019

The project to upgrade the Yangon circular railway is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019, said U Tun Aung Thin, the general manager of the Myanma Railways(Lower Myanmar).

He made the remark at a meeting about the project held yesterday at the MR (Lower Myanmar) office. Work on the project is slated to start on 21 December.

The project has been divided into two parts. The Shwetaung Company will upgrade the eastern part of Yangon railway, while work on the western part will be carried out by A1 Company.

The western part from Insein to Kyimyintdine railway stations, spanning 5.5 miles, and the eastern part from Danyingon to Payautseikgon, spanning 7.25 miles, will be upgradedsimultaneously.

“While work is ongoing, trains travelling upstream and downstream will run on a singletrack railway, while the other track will be upgraded. We will try not to reduce the number of trains by a great extent.

The Hledan Thirimyaing and the Thamine Myothit stations will be temporarily opened during the project’s term. Work on that section will be finished within 4 months,” said U Zaw Lwin, the divisional traffic manager for the No.7 division of MR.

“When the project is in progress between the Danyingon and Payautseikgon stops, the 3.5-mile Danyingon-Kyaikkale section will be upgraded, while one track will bekept open for train services.

The railways will operate trains between the Kyaikkalae and Insein stations. Work on that part will take 4 months to complete,” he said.

“When the 3.75-mile Kyaikkalae-Payautseikgon railway section is upgraded, both tracks will be closed. That phase of the project will take 6 months,” he added.

Myanma Railways will try to make sure services during rush hour are not affected so passengers do not face any inconvenience.
“This will pose some challenges. But, we will make sure not to reduce the number of trains during rush hour,” said U Tun Aung Thin, the general manager of MR (Lower Myanmar).

“As services will be temporarily halted on the Kyaikkalae-Payautseikgon section, MR is discussing ways to accommodate passengers from Mingaladon market, Mingaladon, Waibargi, and Oakkalapa railway stations with the Yangon Region’s Transport Authority.

Over 2,400 passengers travel from those stations to Yangon every day. There are about 600 passengers travelling to Danyingon,” said U Zaw Lwin.

“We will have to provide more routes to facilitate the passengers,” said U Hla Aung, the joint secretary of the YRTA.
Prior to the start of the project, the number of commuters using the Yangon circular railway and suburban railwaystotalled 88,168 per day on average.

In September, while the project work was on, there were 76,570 passengers on average per day. The month of October saw 74,284 passengers. A total of 8,015 foreign passengers used the services in November.

Train schedules will be notified at the respective stations, through vinyl hangings and pamphlets. The MR is providing services to about 80,000 commuters daily.


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