Govt now processing 40 mining proposals

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) has processed a total of 40 proposals for mineral exploration at large and medium sized mining blocks in Myanmar, its permanent secretary U Min Min Oo said.

Feedback on whether any exploration activities will have an environmental or social impact is being sought from the state and regional authorities.

The developments come after MONREC in July last year permitted both local and foreign miners to submit exploration proposals to the government. Proposals to explore in large and medium sized mineral tracts will be processed by the Union government, while those for small-scale blocks will be processed by the state or regional authorities.

Once approved, any mineral discoveries resulting from exploration will be followed by permits to continue with production. The production period will depend on the volume of mineral deposits in a given mine, U Min Min Oo said.

No large or medium scale production activities have been approved so far.

Large scale mineral blocks consist of those above 247 acres. Currently, there are 150 large-size mines in Myanmar, according to MONREC.

Myanmar is rich in coal, limestone, marble, tin and tungsten, copper and gold deposits.


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