Mandalay installs high-tech system in garbage trucks

The Mandalay City Development Committee has installed a fleet management system in more than 250 garbage trucks to improve management, said MCDC member U Kyaw San Myint.

The system can help the city determine if garbage trucks are performing as expected.

The system uses an IoT SIM card, which has an alarm system if the trucks run into problems, making management and deployment of the vehicles more efficient, said U Kyaw San Myint.

“We have installed the system on more than 250 garbage trucks and will install it on other equipment to facilitate monitoring,” he said.

The system can provide real-time information on the location of the vehicle, whether it is on its designated route, and whether it arrives at the dump on time.

Mandalay’s garbage collection system has had problems. About 30 percent of the GPS systems installed on the trucks were found to have been unplugged and their SIM cards used up or destroyed.

The new warning system, which is expected to reduce abuses, will be installed in another 300 vehicles besides the garbage trucks, Mandalay Mayor U Ye Lwin wrote on his social media page.

“This system will mainly help in locating the vehicles and will alleviate confusion about routes,” he said. “Warning signals will be sent to trucks that lose contact, fail to get to designated places or exceed the speed limit. The system will keep records about how many times they enter a ward and deliver garbage to the dump,” he added.


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