Mandalay to debate effort to resolve land-ownership issues

The Mandalay Region hluttaw (parliament) will debate a proposal to give title deeds to people who have lived for a long time on land that does not belong to them.

U Tin Aung, MP for Chan Mya Tharsi constituency 1, submitted the proposal, which would exclude people living on government land.

The proposal is expected to be debated on Wednesday.

“Land is being traded in Mandalay by people who do not own it. Thanks to the efforts of Mandalay’s mayor, titles for land in the city are being granted as part of an effort to standardise ownership. This helps to improve record-keeping and tax collection. Where this has not been done, people are living on land without proper documents, the region does not receive taxes, and ownership disputes arise,” said U Tin Aung.

“People in rural areas are having difficulty applying for title deeds because they do not know how. The cost of applying is increasing and it takes two to three years to complete the process. That is why people do not apply for titles and trespass on government and private land.

“After independence, the land ownership and management system in Myanmar deteriorated considerably. Over the years, land applications and management were carried out loosely, which gave rise to cases of abuse and plots of land differing from what was on the Land Administration Department’s maps,” said U Tin Aung.

Daw Thida Nyein, MP of Mahlaing township constituency 2, said that many properties in her township lack title deeds although people have lived on them for a long time.

“People do not apply for titles because of a lack of understanding, the complexity, and cost of the application process. Now there are many disputes over land ownership. This should be discussed by the hluttaw,” she said.

U Tin Aung said now that there is a National Land Use Policy, it should be implemented to standardise land ownership.

“Township, district and regional land application committees should be set up and the government should give title deeds to land owners. The public would be happy, land disputes would decrease, and the process would be transparent,” he said.

Source: Myanmar Times

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