Garment Factory agrees to pay salary, compensation to over 700 workers after negotiation

Blue Moon Garment Factory in Kyansittha Street in Shwelinban Industrial Zone in Hlinethaya Township, Yangon Region, has agreed to pay salaries and compensation for factory shutdown to over 700 workers after selling off the factory property, said factory workers.

The agreement came after a tripartite meeting between the Yangon Region government led by Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein, the employer and workers held on March 13 afternoon.

The factory owner signed an agreement in the presence of the chief minister to pay the workers after selling off the possessions of the factory. The workers are entitled to receive salaries for January and February as well as compensation for factory closure.

“The chief minister already instructed on March 8 to pay off the workers after selling factory property. But the employer delayed intentionally. But now the owner signed the confession before the chief minister. At 10 am tomorrow, each machine at the factory will be counted for sale. Then, the workers will be paid back salaries and compensation,” said factory worker Hnin Nu Wai.

Over 700 workers from Blue Moon Garment Factory had been opening a protest camp in front of the factory since February 22 to demand their salaries and the owner announced the closure of factory on February 28.

The protest workers demanded that the Yangon Region government mediate in their dispute by coming to the government office on March 1, 8 and 12. The settlement came on March 13.


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