Untimely harvesting damages reputation of popular fruit

Fruit wholesalers based at the Muse 105th Mile Trade Zone are advising growers to only harvest Sein Ta Lone mangoes when they are properly ripe.

It has been urged to pick and sell Sein Ta Lone mangoes only when they are ripe, according to the statement by fruit wholesaler at Muse 105 mile on March 25.

If they are ripe, the mangoes from Myanmar will have good taste and scent and draw even more buyers from China. The wholesalers say the mangoes are popular in China, and demand for the fruit continues to grow.

However, the wholesalers say that the harvesting of the mangoes by growers before they are fully ripe will only damage the reputation and popularity of the fruit.

“We have distributed educational pamphlets to growers about collecting the fruit when they are properly ripe. We expect the mangoes will start appearing after the Thingyan Festival in April. Last year, the crop was late to ripen and despite our long running effort to educate growers, unripe fruit still ended up being sold,” said Daw Than Than Swe, president of the Mango Growers and Exporters Association.

Since 2016, aware-raising seminars regarding the effects of exporting low-quality mangoes have been held with the cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce in major towns where the mangoes are grown in Mandalay Region, said Daw Than Than Swe.

The price of mangoes has been declining since 2016, due to unripe mangoes beingsold. This resulted in Chinese traders refusing to buy the mangoes from Myanmar, according to mango wholesalers in Muse, Shan State.

There are 200 varieties of mango in Myanmar and among the more popular types of are Sein Ta Lone, Ma Chit Su, Shwe Hintha, Yin Gwe, and Badamya Ngamauk. Mangoes are harvested from April to early July, depending on their types and where they are planted.

sOURCE: Myanmar Times

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