Schools told not to enrol students from other townships

Schools in Yangon have been instructed not to accept the enrollment of students from other townships during the coming school year, according to U Ko Lay Win, director general of the Department of Basic Education.

He said the same instruction was issued during last year’s enrollment but was not followed, so the department would be stricter in enforcing the regulation this year.

“There are parents who want to enroll their children at famous schools, and thus they pay teachers to get their children accepted. Issues arise. The instruction aims to avoid corruption,” U Ko Lay Win said.

The department will inspect famous schools in Yangon and Mandalay.

Ko Hein Latt, the father of a 2nd grade student in Bahan, said, “If they won’t accept extra-township enrollment, we want to ask them whether teaching is the same in all schools. Are the schools safe? If all schools were the same, parents won’t enroll their children at schools in other townships. They would rather enroll them in their own township.”

School enrollment across the nation is taking place from now until Friday. School starts on June 3.

U Ko Lay Win said the inspection will be conducted without warning and at random.

But some said it will be difficult to detect the fraud, as parents fraudulently change their household registration to be able to enroll their children at famous schools.

The Ministry of Education said this year’s enrollment is likely to top the more than 9.14 million primary students who enrolled last year.

A mother who wants to enroll her child at No. 5 Botahtaung School said the problem could be avoided if the government ensured that all schools had the same quality of facilities and teachers.

The documents required to enroll children include a school transfer certificate, comprehensive personal record, copy of household registration or real estate purchasing agreement or house rental agreement. They must be the children of civil servants who work in the township and they must have a recommendation letter from the department head.

According to a survey by the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Ministry of Education topped the list of the most corrupt agencies in 2018.

Source: Myanmar Times

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