THG’s Yangon hospital taps high-end demand

Thonburi Healthcare Group (THG) has expended its presence in Myanmar by opening a new private hospital in Yangon in March to leverage the country’s growing demand for higher-end healthcare.

The group said Ar Yu International Hospital will serve as an alternative for Myanmar citizens and expatriates instead of travelling to Thailand.

The new hospital is a joint venture between THG and local partners, 40% owned by THG, 50% owned by Ga Mone Pwint Co and 10% owned by Aryu Ananta Medical Services Co.

The project had an investment cost of US$75 million (2.39 billion baht).

The company seeks to become a leading operator in international hospitals in Myanmar and hopes Ar Yu will serve as a model for future investments.

Tanatip Suppradit, vice-chairman of THG, said the new hospital was a result of leveraging demand for healthcare services in Myanmar that are growing in tandem with the local economy.

THG plans to grow its presence in private hospital markets around Asean through collaborations with local partners.

“Thailand is the most popular destination for health checkups and other healthcare services among well-off Myanmar people because of their trust in Thai medical service standards,” Mr Tanatip said.

“Recognising the high growth potential based on strong demand, we decided to invest in building and operating a hospital in Myanmar to provide healthcare services with international standards to both local patients and expatriates. We hope this service will save them the time and cost associated with the need to travel to Thailand.”

The hospital is equipped with 200 beds, eight operating theatres and 142 inpatient rooms, and offers both outpatient and inpatient services.

THG expects the hospital to be considered the top-ranked international hospital in Myanmar soon.

The hospital employs about 120 physicians and maintains a variety of specialist centers for care in the cardic endoscopic paediatrician, and ear, nose and throat fields, as well as an emergency department.

It is the first private hospital in myanmar to be a co-investment and managed by a hospital group from Thailand.

Mr Tanatip said the hospital boasts state-of-the-art medical technologies like CT scans, MRIs and Ultrasound, used to diagnose and treat complicated diseases.

It serves 130 patients per day on average, with the figure expected to increase to 300 by the year-end.

Source: Bangkok Post

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