Price of premium mangoes rises as supplies dwindle

Extreme weather has hurt the supply of Sein Ta Lone (diamond solitaire) mangoes, causing their price to double from last year, according to a mango growers association.

In the past two months, severe storms have damaged mature mangoes and mango trees in Shan State, while in other states, soaring temperatures are affecting the size of the fruit, said one farmer.

Last year, the price of premium mangoes was K200-300 each, but now it is K500-1000.

“Sein Ta Lone mangoes are bringing a good price this year. In Mandalay, the weather has not done much damage to mango trees, but it has in other states,” said Daw Than Than Swe, head of the association.

Most diamond solitaire mangoes come from Mandalay, which has about 10,100 hectares (25,000 acres) of mango trees, while Shan State has nearly 8100 hectares.

“This year, Sein Ta Lone mangoes are mainly being exported through Muse in Shan. Last year, their production was good so the price went down. This year, production is down 20 percent to 30pc,” U Nay Lynn Maung, a mango trader and head of a Mandalay fruit association, said.

Last year, farmers were harvesting the mangoes before they were fully ripe, so the price went down.

Fruit wholesalers in Muse are advising growers to only harvest diamond solitaire mangoes when they are ripe.

In Myanmar, Sein Ta Lone mangoes are also used to make dried mangoes and other snacks, Daw Than Than Swe said. They are mainly exported to China and Singapore.

There are 200 varieties of mangoes in Myanmar, with some of the most popular being Ma Chit Su, Shwe Hintha, Yin Gwe, and Badamya Ngamauk. Mangoes are harvested from April to early July depending on their type and where they are planted.

Source: Myanmar Times

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