Japanese company to conduct feasibility study on new waste disposal method in Monywa

Japan’s Fujita Company will study the feasibility of implementing a new waste disposal system in Monywa in July, said U Thit Htoo Myint, the Director of Sagaing Region’s Municipal Committee.

“Monywa produces about 150 tons of garbage a day. The current system of waste disposal will damage the environment. Additionally, there is only limited space for dumping waste in the long run. Over time, this problem will become big. Therefore, we will conduct a feasibility study to find out if we can implement a waste disposal system in collaboration with a Japanese company. We will implement this project within three years. We have already shown them the waste dumping areas. In July, the Japanese company will conduct a field inspection of the three waste dumping areas to implement the new system,” he added.

Of the total volume of waste produced in Monywa, 74 per cent comes from household kitchens, 10 per cent is plastic rubbish, 1 per cent comprises bottles and canes, and the remaining 15 per cent comes from farming businesses. The waste is currently being dumped in three separate areas, which have limited space and pose the risk of environmental pollution. Therefore, the authorities are working to implement the new system as soon as possible.

Source: Global New Light of Myanmar

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