Yangon Police hope to tackle crime via CCTV

The Yangon regional government will try to control crime and security threats in the city through a closed circuit TV command centre, a government official said.

“In Yangon, our police force is not big enough to carry out all police duties, so we have to enlist the aid of technology,” said Col Aung Soe Moe, regional minister of Security and Border Affairs.

The use of technology will enable the government to better investigate and control crime, he said.

The Yangon Police have installed a CCTV command centre at the regional government office and 2995 CCTV cameras at 1138 places in the city.

“These cameras are not enough. We will install more for those places where most crime occurs,” he said.

The police have received 240 CCTV cameras from China, 140 of which will be installed in Hlaing Tharyar township, which has the highest rate of crime in the city.

The rest of the cameras will be installed at traffic intersections and other CCTV cameras will be set up in Yangon’s suburbs, according to the regional government.

Yangon’s government is also using GPS systems in police patrol vehicles throughout the city to respond to crimes as quickly as possible.

Col Aung Soe Moe also said that the police are cooperating with the Yangon traffic control centre, which has installed CCTV cameras at 154 places throughout the city.

Many crimes had been investigated using the centre’s CCTV footage, he said.

Yangon police officials recently said that crime in Yangon had increased in 2018 from the previous year.

In 2018, 535 serious crimes were committed, such as rape, murder and robbery, compared to 478 serious crimes in 2017.

There were also 17,232 minor crimes in 2018, such as theft and gambling, compared to 16,015 cases in 2017.

Source: Myanmar Times

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