Helping Yangonites stay fighting-fit

“I have been working out for a while now,” a 50 year old Indian man said, after completing a set of bench presses. He continued “I love being part of a community, and keeping fit with new friends.”

With a preference for weight training, he ventured into his first Zumba class last week. “It was tiring,” he told Metro.

The Zumba class was part of “The Full Body Ultimate Workout Event,” held at the Training Ground Fitness Club in Urban Asia last week, at the corner of 48th Street and Maha Bandoola Street in the Botahtaung Township of Yangon. It welcomed gym-goers of all ages, and different levels of fitness.

Full body workout is not simply weights or resistance training, nor does it involve just cardio work like rowing or running. Rather it combines different activities to target the whole body, to help develop an overall level of fitness and strength.

“The reason for holding this event is for us to share knowledge of the body, and to teach exercises that are based on good sports science. So, we organised this event,” said Mr Ben Cha, general manager of Training Ground Fitness Club.

Attendees were grouped according to different ages, ranging from people in their 20s and 30s to the over-50s. Classes were mixed sex, with most attendees being women. As admission was free, it was no surprise that there were so many participants – over 170.

There were four exercise zones for the workout, which were supervised by three different trainers. Participants trained for a solid 20 minutes in one section before moving on to the next.

“These workout programmes are neither hard nor easy, but can be adjusted to suit a person’s fitness level and stamina,” said Mr Cha.

A half hour Zumba class started the activities, which served as a warm up. The music was so infectious that I even wanted to join in whilst watching from the sidelines.

The first fitness zone involved push-ups and box jumps, which tests both strength and stamina. Cardio is the focus of the second zone – rowing, running, stepping and jumping.

In the third zone the upper body is tested, with exercises targeting the chest, arms, torso, back and shoulders.

The final zone is a bit more severe, as it involves the abs. This was the hardest test for some, especially those not used to crunches or leg-raises. Each set of exercises were preceded by a five minute break, giving people plenty of time to catch their breath – or soothe their stomachs.

Fitness and general health is important for everyone, as being in good shape means being able to do other things in life, said Mr Cha.

“To live a long and healthy life, exercise is essential. If you don’t care for the body, becomes prone to illness. Going to the doctor or hospital costs money, causes stress and impacts on other areas of life,” he added.

Mr Char continued, “People need to exercise to counter stress, and combat the effects of sitting all day or a diet rich in fat or sugar.”

Training Ground Fitness Club announced plans to hold similar events every two or three months.

Although the training exercises were only for a day, the event introduced many people to the world of fitness, gym equipment and – most importantly – a social circle of likeminded people and trainers.

Source: Myanmar Times

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