Tech start-up offers solution for medical record-keeping

Most health clinics in Myanmar are dependent on medical records books, which are easily lost or misplaced by patients.

To solve this problem, which has bedevilled Myanmar patients for decades, Kieran Ko launched Klenic, a cloud-based web platform where doctors and health clinics can store and retrieve a patient’s information and medical history at the click of a button. Klenic helps health practitioners digitise medical records and queue management.

“Our platform intends to help healthcare providers maximise the efficiency of their medical practices and help patients obtain better care,” said Kieran Ko, who is chief executive officer of Klenic.

Kieran Ko gained experience in software development and implementation while working for hospitals in the Philippines. He and a friend were able to help patients and doctors in the Philippine gain easier access to medical records.

Based on his success there, Kieran Ko thought he could help Myanmar patients with their challenges as well, so he returned to Yangon with the aim of helping patients solve the problem of lost or misplaced medical records.

The birth of an idea

He came up with the idea of a healthcare platform that reduces medical errors and protects the privacy and security of patient data. He met and discussed his idea with doctors and health clinics, then set to work. Over the next eight months, he developed Klenic, utilising Software as a service (SaaS). He launched Klenic last September.

“The main challenges are changing behaviour. We try to persuade doctors and clinic owners by telling them about Klenic’s advantages, and we train nurses and staff how to use it, because they are not familiar with such a platform,” Kieran Ko said.

Klenic, using web and cloud-based software, offers patients, doctors and clinic owners a one-stop solution for medical records, queue management and payments. It is mobile compatible and fully manageable, cost effective, increases productivity, and saves time.

Klenic has handled over 150,000 patient medical records for 60 clinics in Yangon and Mandalay Region, and 78 doctors use the platform. Ninety percent of its users are in Yangon, with most of its clinic clients in Hlaing Tharyar township, according to the company.

“The main message to the public is everybody can use Klenic anywhere in Myanmar. A person can easily use the platform if they have internet access on a tablet, computer, or laptop. Tablets are more acceptable,” Kieran Ko said.

Klenic won the Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Award from the Myanmar Computer Federation and Myanmar Posts & Telecommunications. The Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Programme was started in 2018 to support technologically innovative young people at universities and colleges in Myanmar.

The programme’s organising committee chose 30 teams from throughout Myanmar out of 100 teams that applied. Ten teams were chosen as finalists, which the committee judged on project idea, technology and presentation, cooperation, and marketability.

International recognition

Klenic also won recognition as winner of the Entrepreneurship Award – ESC 2017, as Myanmar delegate at the Seedstars Asia Summit 2018, runner up at the Manchester Global Startup Competition 2018, the MYEA entrepreneurship summit 2018, top three at the E27 Yangon Roadshow 2019, second place at Venture Further Manchester 2019, and second place at Seedstars Yangon 2019.

As for the future, the company plans to develop a mobile application under a different name that retrieves patient information and medical histories, and performs as well as Klenic.

With this application, patients will be able to easily access their medical records by using mobile phones. This would reduce medical errors and enhance the privacy and security of patient data, Kieran Ko said.

He added that healthcare deserves tools that are as modern, well-designed and easy-to-use as the ones encountered elsewhere in our daily lives.

“My solemn desire that I want to realise is to help improve and upgrade Myanmar’s healthcare system. We want a high health standard. Patients, doctors and owners of clinics can save precious time and money by using Klenic because it solves their information problems,” he said.

Source: Myanmar Times

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