Groups to study how tourism sector handles Chinese visitors

The number of Chinese tourists has increased since Myanmar started giving visa exemptions so teams have been formed to monitor their visits, according to an official from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

On June 21, the ministry formed groups comprising regional tourism officials in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan to monitor Chinese tourists.

“Before, there might be only 200 tourists from western countries like Germany. Now big groups of Chinese tourists are coming in, so we are studying the best way to meet their needs,” U Myo Yi, a member of the monitoring group and chair of the Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association, said.

We need to check how tourism companies are managing these big groups to make sure that both the country and the businesses are making money, the Hotels and Tourism Ministry said in a statement.

These groups will have to get a list of travel plans from Chinese tourists arriving in the country to analyse their spending habits during the trip.

“We will visit the tourism companies at Tada-U Airport to check if they have license. We will also look for flaws to fix to ensure there will be a profit,” said U Myo Yi.

The Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan study groups will submit monthly reports on their findings to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. – Translated

Source: Myanmar Times

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