Wage survey showed more than half of workers received increments

More than half of businesses surveyed in the French Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (CCI France Myanmar) Myanmar Salary Survey 2019 saw wage increases of between 1pc and 5pc for 2017.

CCI France Myanmar released the survey results showing that 54pc of the more than 500 companies in the 10 industries that participated in the second annual Myanmar Salary Survey said they saw average salary increases of between 1 percent and 5pc. The number of participants was twice that from last year.

The chamber said when the data was broken down, all participants in the financial services, healthcare and manufacturing industries said they gave salary increments, with the manufacturing industry leading the way with 11pc to 15pc increase. Financial services employees received 1pc to 5pc and healthcare workers received 1pc to 10pc increments. In contrast, only 42pc of workers in the consumer goods industry received increments, although they were higher than average at 6pc to 10pc.

Data from the survey showed that 56pc of participants provided medical benefits, 35pc offered meal allowances and 59pc provided transport allowance. Expatriates were employed by 39pc of the participants.

A further breakdown of the data showed that participants in the manufacturing industry did not give any transport, meal or medical allowances while 17pc of education industry participants gave transport and meal allowances.

Compare that to 83pc in the financial services industry that gave transport allowance, half of the participants in the construction industry gave meal allowances while 64pc of non-governmental organisations/non-profit organisations gave medical allowance.

The construction and consumer goods industries saw the biggest gap between expatriate and local pay, which ranged from 5pc to 40pc while those in the hospitality industry saw a 5pc to 15pc salary difference.

As for incentives and bonus, 91pc of participants in the construction industry and 81pc of participants in the consumer goods industry gave their workers commission or bonus related to their performance or income generated.

CCI France Myanmar said compared to last year’s survey, this year’s survey has improved its calculation of the median and average salary matrices, making the results more accurate and representative.

The chamber also publishes more industry-specific salary surveys, such as the Hotel Salary Survey 2019.

Source: Myanmar Times

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