Myanmar’s first advanced landfill to open in Mandalay

Myanmar’s first level-4 sanitary landfill with leachate treatment facilities is being built in Kyauk Kyan Taung in Mandalay city, said U Kyaw San Myint of the Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC).

Ordinary landfills can significantly damage the environment, but level-4 sanitary landfills with leachate treatment facilities can clear contaminants from the soil.

“We’ll carry out this project step by step depending on the budget. This project is being carried out for clearing leachate in the future,” said U Kyaw San Myint.

A two-millimetre geomembrane PE sheet is being spread out over 330,000 square feet of land to prevent leaks, and the leachate will be collected by 900 feet of 630mm perforated HDPE pipes and 2000ft of 315mm HDPE pipes, Mandalay Mayor U Ye Lwin said on his social media page.

“To prevent groundwater from breaching, over 3000ft of seepage and groundwater collection pipes are installed below. To pump out collected groundwater, three sensor type submersible pumps are installed. A concrete tank with a 150,000-gallon capacity is under construction to collect the leachate, and a treatment plant that can treat 5000 gallons of leachate an hour is planned in the next budget year,” U Ye Lwin said.

Methane gas produced from waste will be gathered to generate 75 kilowatts of electricity, which will be used by the garbage pits. Moreover, tenders are being taken for a waste- sorting plant after ground levelling, which can sort 25 to 50 tonnes of waste per hour into eight different categories, he added.

According to 2014 census data, Mandalay’s population is 1.4 million. The more the city grows, the more garbage will be produced. About 900 tonnes of waste a day is disposed at South Inn, North Inn and Kyar Ni Can garbage pits.

Mandalay is forecast by the MCDC to produce over 1000 tonnes of waste per day by 2020.

Source: Myanmar Times

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