Fraudulent land sale alleged in Mandalay

A single land plot in Mandalay was sold twice to different people, one of the affected buyers has told the media.

At a press conference, property buyer U Naing Lin said he paid K600 million for a piece of land in Myothit No.1 ward and was issued a title for the land even though it had been bought by another buyer named U Arkar for K620 million, who also has a title for the same piece of land.

U Naing Lin said the situation arose partly due to government negligence when issuing deeds.

“The swindlers are free, and the affected parties have had to sue each other. As far as I can tell, part of the fault lies with the Mandalay City Development Committee’s (MCDC) Department of Deeds, as it could not determine that the ownership documents submitted by the seller for the land I bought were incorrect or fake,” said U Naing Lin.

The original owner of the land has filed a police complaint of cheating and forgery against one man, but the accused claims that he was acting on the instructions of a property broker.

There are two different land titles for the same property – one for the land sold by an individual to U Arkar and another for the land sold by a property broker to U Naing Lin.

U Naing Lin said he discovered the problem when he went to inspect the land.

“After making a down payment of K15 million, I went to the site to inspect it, but was confronted by the other buyer, who accused me of trespassing,” he said.

The case is now being tried in Chan Aye Tharzan township court.

“I don’t know who is responsible for this and I don’t know who gave out two titles for the same land, but I want the public to know this can happen so they will be cautious before entering a land deal,” U Naing Lin said.

“When I received the reply of the MCDC, it told me my title was a fake. I want the truth to be revealed, as I am suffering from this,” said U Naing Lin.

Source: Myanmar Times

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