Pilot project offers better way to manage Htein Bin landfill

A pilot project has been using a new system for the past two months to deal with rubbish at the Htein Bin landfill in Hlaing Tharyar township, said U Aung Myint Maw of the Yangon City Development Committee.

The dump was the scene of a stubborn fire that spewed toxic smoke into the air in April 2018.

The Open Dumping System currently used at the dump can cause air, water and soil damage, as well as outbreaks of fire, he said. Rubbish is heaped on the side of the road and bulldozed at present.

To prevent pollution and ensure sustainable land usage, a new system is needed that uses incineration and systematic trash disposal, said U Aung Myint Maw of the Pollution Control and Cleansing Department.

“We divided the rubbish dump into four zones and spread brick and rocks at the entrances and exits. Then we divided it into 300-metre sections, where we’ve piled the rubbish up to three metres high,” he said.

A road is built over the dump so that rubbish can easily be dumped on both sides of the road and only needs a little push from a bulldozer, U Aung Myint Maw said.

“The trash is put in holes, and methane gas is collected through a system of pipes under the trash and released into the air. The pipes are spaced 50ft apart,” he said.

According to the tests, more trash can be disposed of after the methane gas is released, and the trash piles are still 3m high.

The Waste Disposal Technology Support Project at Htein Bin is operated by the YCDC, the Cleansing Department, Fukuoka City of Japan, and UN-Habitat. The three-year project is being carried out with money from the Japanese government and technical support from Fukuoka City and UN-Habitat.

“This technology was introduced in Myanmar for the first time. It costs a little more. If we want to continue using this it, we have to estimate a budget,” he said.

Yangon produces 2300-2500 tonnes of rubbish a day, or about 0.5kg for each person, according to the Cleansing Department.

There are four dumps in Yangon, at Htein Bin, Dawei Chaung, Dala and Seikgyi Kanaungto.

The Htein Bin dump covers 290 acres, of which 220 acres have been used. About 1450 tonnes of waste a day are dumped there. Dawei Chaung dump in North Dagon township covers 140 acres, of which 110 acres have been used. About 1000 tonnes of waste a day are delivered there.

The rubbish tip in Dala township covers 1.3 acres, of which about 1 acre has been used. It receives about 33.36 tonnes of waste each day. The rubbish tip in Seikgyi Kanaungto township covers a quarter of an acre, of which about a tenth of an acre has been used. It gets about 9.11 tonnes of waste a day.

Source: Myanmar Times

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