YCDC to introduce kiosks near bus stops

The Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) is planning to install 5×5-foot food kiosks near bus stops in Yangon, said Yangon mayor U Maung Maung Soe at a press conference held in City Hall last week.

“This plan aims to promote more civil society organisations and encourage corporate social responsibility. But we won’t allow the vendors to sell betel quid and cigarettes at the booths,” said U Maung Maung Soe.

These booths will be placed near YCDC-owned bus stops, and civil society organisations will be given priority to run the kiosks.

Each booth will cost around K2 million, and a meeting with potential vendors will be called soon to negotiate the rental fees, said YCDC member Daw May May Thwel.

“In particular, we would also like commuters to be able to buy prepaid cards to use on the buses when the card system is available in the next three or four months,” she said.

YCDC invited tenders to local companies for building these booths in February this year, but it has yet to announce which company won the tender.

Vendors can rent the shops for a fee of around K2 million per month, or they can set up their own shops according to the specifications. There have been no preliminary surveys on the project, but the YCDC hopes the plan will create more jobs for young people and provide convenient retail outlets for bus passengers, Daw May May Thwel explained.

Out of a total of over 1,800 bus stops in Yangon, plans have been made to lease the booths at only the most popular locations.

Despite YCDC’s enthusiasm about the project, a note of protest was sent to the Hluttaw speaker by six Hluttaw committees in the Yangon Region as they could not reach an agreement on the details of the plan.

“Normally the YCDC do not like the fact that people set up shops at the bus stops. They even remove the shops if the owners construct firm structures with roofs, and prevent them from expanding further. It’s beyond our understanding why they are planning to create such big shops at a high cost,” said U Than Oo, betel nut shop owner on the Thudama Road, North Okkalapa Township.

According to 2018 Municipal Law, shops are banned from opening on the pavements in the municipal areas. Moreover, the law prohibits building shops without permission.

As the YCDC regularly checks and bans other small stalls that occupy the city’s pavements and near bus stops, it’s like they are breaking their own rules, said a road-side seller.

Moreover, as bus stops are crowded with people, we may face problems queuing up and waiting if more shops emerge here, said a commuter at the Sule Pagoda bus station.

MPs told the media that the public can question the YCDC in detail regarding the proposal at the next Yangon Region Hluttaw meeting.

Source: Myanmar Times

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