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Yohmo Tonic Myanmar

200 ml & 120 ml

Why should you distribute Yohmotonic in Myanmar?

There are several good reasons:

  1. Hair Loss is a worldwide modern day’s problem, and the confidence of a hair loss person can be very hugely affected. It is a long term in demand product.
  2. Its supporting a wide segment of consumers; men, women, young and old. The target consumer population is big.
  3. Consumers tend to use it for long term because of good effect and good aroma which is addicitively nice. Repeat or loyal customers are our best advertisement.
  4. It is very affordable price to fight a big problem. An affordable price to start and middle class target customers.  It is affordable and makes buying decision easy.
  5. The business model in many markets is proven and makes distribution, marketing and sales easy for Myanmar. Support from manufacturer can be expected
  6. It is highly profitable repeat business once you have established the clienteles and the channel of distribution.


What is Yohmotonic?

Yohmotonic is a Japan formulated, Singapore made hair growth tonic.  It comes in 2 sizes: 200ml and 120ml.  The fragrance is very aromatic and suitable for both male and female liking.  It is easy to use, and can be used anytime and anywhere.

What are the benefits of using Yohmotonic?

Daily use of Yohmotonic will improve scalp health significantly.  Within 7 days, dandruff and itchiness problems can be easily solved.  Within 2 months, hair loss is reduced, and within 3 months, hair will start to grow.  On top of that, many consumers just love the fragrance and it works like daily perfume.

Who should use Yohmotonic?

Men and women and both use Yohmotonic and there is actually no age limit on using this product.  Many consumers have been using for decades and still using and enjoying a full head of healthy shining hair!

Where is Yohmotonic selling in which markets now?

Yohmotonic is selling in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar and we are preparing for Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia markets in 2019.

Why is Yohmotonic effective?

The ingredients of Yohmotonic are design to achieve 3 stages:

First stage week 1-2 is to remove oil, eliminate bacteria, and reduce inflammation.  This effect is to get the scalp healthy and ready to grow hair.

Second stage 3-8 is to strengthen the hair roots so that they are strong and big enough to stay to the scalp and this will reduce hair loss.  This is done from the Yohmotonic nutrients into the hair roots.

Third stage 9 onwards is to further strengthen the hair roots so that the hair is healthier, not easy to break, and shining.  New hair growth from these healthy roots will be thick and shiny as well

How to use Yohmotonic?

Simple 3 steps:

  • Wash hair with your favourite shampoo.  If not washing for the day, you may skip this step as Yohmotonic also has cleaning effect
  • Towel dry hair or with hair dryer.
  • Apply Yohmotonic onto scalp, and leave it on for the day or night.

Use at least once a day, and 2 times is recommended for poorer hair condition


You can learn more about the company behind Yohmo Tonic going to the website https://www.union.com.sg/ or by watching this video here


If you are interested to be the distributor for Yohmo Tonic in Myanmar, please fill up the form by clicking here

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