Sparking the passion for fashion

When girls chat among themselves, you may have noticed us sometimes talking about what others are wearing. The girl with the black dress, does the colour really go with those shoes? Earrings and makeup, there’s a bit of a clash there.

For Hadrien Amezza, a recent fashion-school graduate and brand manager at Yangoods, these are the things he lives for. Only he’s far more constructive in his feedback. His job depends upon knowing more about the fabric, patterns, necklines, sleeves and other details of the dress.

Hadrien Amezza has been a professional fashion consultant for more than a decade, and he’s ready to share a lifetime of knowledge though a new fashion internship offered at the Yangoods Academy. He will be joined with three other experts from the world of fashion and business management: Clara Baik, Jean Curci and May Htet Hlaing.

Yangoods is a lifestyle brand that has revitalised Myanmar historical art into modern fashion over the past few years. It’s a philosophy they aim to teach in the internship.

“Why are brands so important in our life?” Hadrien Amezza asks.

“Why do people pay so much money for a Channel or LV bag? It is very important for us as fashion professionals to know why these brands are so successful, and why people are attracted to them. By focusing on personal and cultural aspects of fashion, we hope to lead students to the professional side of brand management. Interns will learn the technical aspects of fashion, as well as the business side of a commercial enterprise,” he said.

It will tailor classes for people who wish to step into the fashion industry, and offer students first-hand experience working with professionals and businesses. The Yangoods Academy Internship programme is structured in two main parts: knowledge sharing by experts and practical assignments. The programme will run from October 2019 to April 2020, and a total of 12 students will be chosen to participate. It will feature classes about fashion culture, history, the sociology of clothing and fashion trends, information about branding and marketing, public relations and business management.

“I faced many challenges and difficulties when starting Yangoods in 2014,” Ms Clara Baik, one of the co-founders and the executive director of Yangoods, said. “One of the main challenges was human resources, and having to hire fashion professions. This was the main impetus behind the idea of an internship, so that we could develop young professionals and nurture their talents. I hope the Yangoods Academy becomes a place to share information about fashion in Myanmar”.

The academy is currently collecting fashion books to add to its library, which already includes books about fashion history, fashion designs and designers and businesses from around the world. The people who have joined to the program will have access to the library.

Yangoods started in 2014 and is comprised of designers as well as merchandising staff, both in the stores and online, marketers and business development staff. It’s an inclusive company, but staffed with mainly Myanmar people.

“When I graduated from high-school, I wanted to apply to fashion school,” Helen, project manager of Yangoods Academy Internship Programme said. “It’s hard for me to find any kind of fashion course here in Yangon, where you can also study design and business.”

The academy will also host 28 knowledge-sharing sessions with students starting on November 8.

For students interested in the programme, application forms can be downloaded at Applications need to be submitted between September 23 and October 4. Chosen applicants from the paper submissions will be interview in late October.

Source: Myanmar Times

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