RTAD to issue Form D slips for old modified vehicles; allow owners to replace them

The Road Transport Administration Department (RTAD) is planning to issue Form D slips to owners of old, modified vehicles so they can import new vehicles to replace them, according to U Lian Cin Mang, also known as Ngam Khai Pa Pa, the director of the department.

“Vehicle modification is not allowed under the vehicle law. Modification refers to changing the body of vehicles which are to be registered. Under the law, requests for registering such vehicles are rejected,” said U Lian Cin Mang.

In accordance with Section 18 (e) of the 2015 Vehicle Law, the authorities are sending modified vehicles to the police for de-registration.

“We have found some vehicles which have been modified without permission from the authorities. We will take legal action against the owners of those vehicles under Section 18(e) of the vehicle law, and cancel the vehicle’s registration. In 2018, we had issued an order with respect to vehicle modifications. We also submitted a report to the ministry, suggesting severe action such as de-registration and cancellation of number plates of modified vehicles. We also began handing over such vehicles to the police station. Four or five months ago, the police stations housing the vehicles ran out of space. So, the police are not accepting modified vehicles at the stations. Therefore, we are keeping the vehicles in the office compound,” he added.

The RTAD, under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, will release some announcements beginning 1 October with respect to a permanent ban on vehicle modifications and issuance of Form D slips to owners of modified vehicles so they can import vehicles in place of the old, de-registered vehicles.

“When we cancel the registration of vehicles, it is mostly the owners who suffer. We have de-registered modified vehicles in accordance with the vehicle law. We have submitted these issues to the authorities. The vehicle associations from Yangon and Mandalay have also reported this matter to the authorities.

So, the officials have begun tackling these issues for people who actually suffer losses as the modified vehicles have to be de-registered.

Now, owners of modified vehicles will be issued Form D slips so they can import new vehicles,” said the director of the RTAD.

The department has already asked the vehicle owners to get in touch with it.
“If we find modified vehicles, we will issue Form D slips after de-registering them,” said U Lian Cin Mang.
According to official statistics from the RTAD, the department has found 362 modified vehicles.
Currently, more than 1.09 million vehicles are registered across the country, and over 540,000, or half of them are registered in Yangon.

Source: Global New Light of Myanmar

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