App for recycled products expected to boost recycling

A new online platform dedicated to marketing recycled products was launched last week in Yangon in a bid to boost efforts to encourage the reprocessing of waste into re-usable materials.

The internet-based mobile app, called Recycle Myanmar, connects buyers and sellers of recycled materials.

“We don’t touch the trash by hand, but we will solve the problem by technology,” U Pon Nya, developer of the app, said.

Through the app, buyers can purchase recycled materials on their mobile phone without the need to go around looking for them. In the same manner, sellers can save time by just posting recyclable items they want to sell, without having to seek out buyers anymore.

Sellers and buyers can post their needs for free, such as bottles, glass, newspapers and old magazines, spoiled batteries, old electric appliances, plastic containers, plastic cups, etc.

U Pon Nya, however, stressed that only recyclable products can be posted on the app. It cannot be used for posting raw garbage.

“Currently, it will be free, but if it grows, we can explore ways to make a profit from the business,” he said.

U Pon Nya won 2nd place in the social entrepreneur contest sponsored by the Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association in 2017.

The app was also cited as the start-up with the most potential in the Tech for Cities project earlier this year.

He said the app can inspire and promote good recycling habits among people across the country and would encourage people to find other ways to dispose of their waste.

Recycle Myanmar was tested in a pilot project in Pyay, and launched in Mandalay for about three months. The platform has facilitated trades by nearly 1000 buyers and sellers.

Myanmar is facing serious challenges in waste management. It generates an estimated 21,000 tonnes of waste per day, over 60 percent of which comes from Yangon and Mandalay.

Source: Myanmar Times

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