Emerald Brewery commences brewing of Chang Lager Beer in Yangon

Emerald Brewery Myanmar Ltd, which will brew Thailand’s Chang Beer in Yangon, last week commenced commercial operations in Hlegu township, a year after its shareholder, Singapore-listed Fraser and Neave (F&N), invested US$70 million in the brewery.

Emerald Brewery is a joint venture between F&N and an affiliate of Myanmar’s Shwe Than Lwin. F&N is controlled by ThaiBev, which brews Chang Beer in Thailand. Both F&N and ThaiBev are listed in Singapore.

Emerald Brewery will produce the award-winning Chang Lager Beer, which will be distributed across Myanmar. The brewery has an annual beer production capacity of 500,000 hectolitres. It will also pack and distribute Chang Lager Beer in five formats – 330ml and 500ml cans, 320ml and 620ml bottles and 30-litre kegs. The brewery will also be able to accommodate an expansion in production capacity in the coming years.

At the First Canning ceremony to inaugurate the new brewery held on September 25, which also marked the 25th anniversary of Chang Beer, Mr Koh Poh Tiong, chair of the F&N Board Executive Committee said the opening of Emerald Brewery reflects “the great potential we see in this fast-growing market. We have worked swiftly to build our new brewery, operations and business; and are confident that our two decades’ experience in Myanmar will propel our new venture forward.”

F&N’s other brands in Myanmar are 100PLUS, Teapot and F&N.

Mr Koh added that “Emerald Brewery has stimulated job creation, with close to 1,000 people involved in the construction of the greenfield brewery and more than 170 full-time employees hired to drive the company’s operations. Over the next five years, Emerald Brewery will also create thousands of job opportunities across its entire value chain,” he said.

Sustainable operations

Emerald Brewery will run sustainable and innovative operations using machinery supplied by Krones, which offers smart energy-saving features. By investing in new technology, the brewery will enjoy water, electricity and thermal energy savings for improved efficiency and productivity.

In addition, a Kubota Johkasou wastewater treatment system developed and manufactured in Japan has been installed at the brewery to ensure that treated wastewater meets environmental guidelines. 90 percent of all treated wastewater will be repurposed for gardening and brewery upkeep.

The brewery will also tap solar energy to power up to 30pc of all operations. Bottles that leave its brewery for the market and are returned will be assessed for reuse to reduce waste.

The brewing process at Emerald Brewery follows the same approach taken at the Chang Beer brewery in Thailand, right down to the water treatment, recipe and ingredients used.

Focus on quality

The location of Emerald Brewery’s facility was determined after extensive evaluations of water quality at 37 water port sites. This has ensured that the water used for the brewing process is high in purity and exceeds World Health Organisation parameters. Raw ingredients are imported, with malt ordered from Europe and hops brought in from Germany and the US.

Throughout the brewing process, more than 250 inspection check points will be implemented to ensure the quality of locally-produced Chang Beer.

Prior to the launch of brewery operations, Emerald Brewery assigned 80 team members to receive intensive training over a one-month period from the Chang Beer team in Bangkok. This was followed by additional training programmes held in Yangon focusing on areas such as the brewing process, quality checks, and safety.

“At Emerald Brewery, we strive towards ensuring that the well-established brewing approach for Chang Beer is upheld so that Myanmar consumers can enjoy the same award-winning taste that the rest of the world has come to love. We will continue to invest in our local talents to drive efficiencies and productivity in the years to come,” said Mr Koh Tai Hong, Managing Director, Emerald Brewery.

F&N’s standards for corporate ethics are being incorporated into Emerald Brewery’s business practices in Myanmar. This includes strict adherence to human and workplace rights and safety, supplier guiding principles, code of business conduct and anti-corruption policies.

Source: Myanmar Times

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