Poultry breeders face loan, land difficulties in Mandalay

Poultry breeders in Mandalay are having difficulties in finding land to expand their business as well as in securing loans, a local industry association said.

U Kyaw Htin, chair of the Mandalay Region Livestock Breeding Federation, said that while local chicken breeders can compete with neighbouring countries in terms of technological know-how, it is hobbled by access to land and loans for expansion.

“Both local and foreign companies operating in the country have provided technical education and cooperated with local breeders, so we can compete with neighbouring countries technologically in either chicken feed or breeding,” he said.

“But breeders have difficulty finding land for poultry farms,” he said. “Another difficulty is lack of access to bank loans.”

He noted that many poultry farms are using farmland and do not have proper titles to use the land for breeding chickens. This in turn makes it difficult for breeders to apply for bank loans, as they do not have official lease on the land they are using.

U Kyaw Htin said breeders need access to bank loans to be able to modernise their operations.

“Because of changes in weather, technology like weather-resistant breeding systems and enclosed air-conditioned enclosures have emerged and breeding farms are also transitioning to better biological security systems,” he said.

He said that local breeders have to start the process of transitioning to modern systems if they are to compete with foreign investors who are slowly entering the local poultry industry.

“As we have to compete with them, local breeders need to adapt to the changes. If not, the international investors will dominate the market and that would be good for locals,” U Kyaw Htin said.

“Right now, breeding farms have to change to enclosed air-conditioned systems, but the breeders cannot transition as it is very hard to get loans from the banks as they don’t have proper grants for their land,” he added.

Mandalay Region produces three million meat chickens and two million egg laying chickens a year.

The government allows the importation of chicks to boost the industry and the supply mostly comes from Thailand.

Because of extreme heat in April and May of this year, chicken farms using the old methods of open-field breeding experienced a drop in productivity as the chicken were underweight due to the weather.

Source: Myanmar Times

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