Geneva Business School – A Door to the Business World

With the economy in Myanmar expected to continue growing at a rapid pace next year, the need to build capacity and work skills becomes as important as ever. This is particularly true not just for manual labour and service jobs, but also higher end management and business positions.

Those with an entrepreneurial mindset have an expanding number of choices when it comes to education, and the business school is a welcome addition to the mix – where students can learn about economics, international trade, accounting and even an MBA to add to their CVs.

Metro sat down with Dr. Brahim GACEM, the dean and CEO of the Geneva Business School, to explain more about learning business, and the opportunities for students in Myanmar.
Can you tell me about the Geneva Business School?

The Geneva Business School (GBS) is an international private institution with the main campus in Geneva, Switzerland. We have different branches around the world and we have two campuses in Spain, one in Barcelona and one in Madrid, and two in Kazakhstan. We have two others in Saudi Arabia and one in Bahrain. At the moment we have the one campus here in Yangon.

When did you establish your school?

GBS was established in 1995, and it has been delivering bachelor’s, master’s and the doctoral degrees to students. Most of our students are international students, who come from 70 different countries. As I mentioned we have campuses around the world, so our courses are sensitive to international trends. With the country’s strong economy, Myanmar is a very interesting market for us. It is a bit like Kazakhstan and some of the Arab countries. Myanmar is also a very promising market for us, and we think it will only get stronger in the future.

Do students ever find it difficult upgrading their skills?

Actually, most of our students are executive students and already work in companies with a middle or high level position, so they are usually very eager to improve their skills. In Yangon we run the MBA, and the duration of that course is 18 months. We have students coming here every weekend to study, as they are usually in the office during the rest of the week. After 18 months, we are really sure that they will improve the knowledge and skills they need – and will be able to contribute to their existing companies, or even work at a higher level. All of our staff are international, expat teachers with backgrounds in business. We also have very small classes, which makes it easier for individual students to learn. They have direct contact with students.
What qualifications do students need if they want to apply?

We have the same requirements for the MBA entrance in Myanmar, as we do for students in other countries. Those standards are exactly the same in Geneva or Barcelona or other campuses. So, as a minimum requirement, they have to have a bachelor’s degree and a very good understanding of English. And, at least three years experience. If they have these, they can enroll.

What benefits do the students gain from your courses?

Well firstly they gain an internationally recognised qualification, and that often helps with promotions or other opportunities. The second thing is knowledge – they will learn about how businesses work and what makes them successful, and how they can get the most out of themselves as employees and business leaders.

What about the fees for the course?

Fees are just under US$6000 for 18 months. But, bear in mind that in Switzerland the cost is around $35,000 for the MBA programme. We have adjusted our fees to suit the particular country, so that we can still cover our basic costs and we also account for the local consumer price index.
Do you offer any special programmes right now?

At the moment we only have the 18 month programme. But, we have a shorter, one month intensive course that gives students a flavour of the courses and materials we have on offer.

What are the future plans for the school?

Well, we plan to set up the Bachelor’s program in Myanmar in two years’ time, and to develop more industry links and opportunities for students in our Master’s and Doctoral programmes.

Our focus in these programs, like the existing MBA, is to provide education that meets the market’s needs, and to make our students ready for roles in the real world.

Will you work with other academic institutions to promote education in Myanmar?

Yes, we’re definitely open to cooperating with any other institutions in Myanmar, because our aim is to be a leading provider for business education in the country.

We would like to expand of course, and at the moment our focus is on promoting our excellent courses and to work closely with companies here.

Source: Maynmar Times

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