Yangon to implement waste-to-energy system with Japan

YANGON- Under Japanese sponsorship ,Myanmar will be carrying out preservation of water waste and to generate energy from rubbish in Yangon, says Yangon Mayor Maung Maung Soe at the press conference held in Yangon City Hall yesterday.

“The project depends on how to use the rubbish thrown away by seven million people from Yangon. We first consider generating electricity from waste. However, there will be a little price different between demand from the National grid and supply. Our sale price is a little higher than the National grid. We plan to generate gas, fuel and electricity. So, we are now implementing plans under the sponsorship of Fukuoka,” said Yangon Mayor Maung Maung Soe.

At present, plans are underway to build waste-to-energy plants by using Japanese and Polish techniques.

About 2,500 tons of waste is produced per day in Yangon. The waste gets collected from the whole region and sent to dumps in Mingaladon, Hlaing Tharyar, Shwe Pyi Thar, Dala, North Dagon and Seikgyi Kanungto Townships.

A ceremony to sign a contract between Yangon and Fukuoka to implement the water projects was held at the office of the Yangon City Development Committee on December 7th.

“We rely on Fukuoka in implementing the water projects because there has been only 2% water waste in Fukuoka. In our country, there are no systematical ways to use the water. So, there have been many wastes,” said Maung Maung Soe.

Maung Maung Soe said at the press conference held at the YCDC on August 19th that private companies were invited to submit their EOI (expression of interest) for rights to the water supply in Yangon city under the PPP (public, private, partnership) system.

He also said there are plans to hand over water supply projects in Yangon City to the private sector came due to illegal water pipe connections as well as other losses and waste.

According to the press conference, the government is making a net loss as only Ks 88 is charged for one unit of water while Ks 120 is charged per unit for commercial.

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